New Newsletter AND Musing about JS Frameworks

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Hey Blogosphere,

I am not sure why I am writing this blog post as an epistle but perhaps it has something to do with me launching a new newsletter. Newsletters are often written as epistles. Not sure why, perhaps because they are letters. In any case, I was inspired by Nitzan – he has started many successful newsletters. This is his latest – the future of agency.

Why a newsletter, I do blog (sporadically)? I have had newsletters in the past, and my companies have had newsletters? I think it is a good conversation starter, and a way to enter existing conversations.

Yesterday Nizan prompted us to think about our practices. And here is what I wrote. It is going to be the subject of the newsletter.

Globally, I am interested in understanding how the technology of computation affects our notions of the psyche, i.e., our inner life, and the mechanics of the psyche itself.

Locally, I am interested in how this manifests itself as both personal and collective actions in the world, and ways (ie projects/interventions) to highlight this manifestation.

Things I am not currently investigating, but appear relevant:  neuroscience, biology, behavioral psychology.

Things this may fall under: phenomenology, depth psychology, design, computer science, cognitive science, systems thinking.

The link is here:

I am trying a new service that I have read newsletters on in the past – tinyletter.

Immediately when I saw the #! I thought – they are using angular. I have not used angular in years, so this intuition may be totally off. Anyway they are not – they seem to be using a new to me framework called velocity. Velocity does seem rad, it is suited towards motion graphics (and the ever present rethinking of the dom).  And DOM/DOMLESS could be one perhaps the first topic of my new newsletter.

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