M&A Bookclub: Space & Time & Knots


I may write this like a Nietzsche book or Wittgenstein notebook – random fragments.

I was supposed to publish this last week I think or maybe two weeks ago. It is hard to keep time organized. Perhaps because I am reading ani*mystic or perhaps because I am moving – or perhaps it is florescent lighting which is definitely a mind control substance.

I was talking with Aya about what chapter I was on, and Aya told me that had missed a chapter. Boo Ka NA – this is Mandarin for NO! But maybe yes. I looked through my last posts and see that I blogged on chapter 2 twice and quite frankly I don’t care. Aya says glitches are ok -this is definitely a glitch. Some say that glitches are where spirit comes through – so this series of posts is about glitches.

I loved the end of the chapter: “Where animals really come from”.. It reminds me of the visionary experiences of Malidoma Some. And I can get behind animals coming from the invisible world – that certain forms take shape in water and wind and then are given bodies and blood. Dreaming creates animals – this is why bigfoot exists. Joking not joking.

Aya’s latest post made my heart stop because I love complexity theory. Complexity theory is about how there are different kinds of computational problems that can be solved in a certain amount of time. It is also about how different kinds of computational problems can be solved in a certain amount of space. Programmers like to say that we/you can do anything. Well, this is not true.

There is a structure to computation. Just like an oak cannot be an elm, P cannot be NP. AND the space I need to do both is different.

“Wednesday as a being beyond you and your limits. simultaneously now and eternal.”

In this chapter, Gordon talks about space and threads and knots and making. That space is constructed from everything that happened in it and everything that will happen. Aristotle’s politics begins in the home – the oikos. The home is a microcosm of the polity – the city state. The home is also the origin of economics – oikonomics. The science of homes. When I think about economics and ecology (the logic of homes) -I now thing about these knots and timelines – what are the patterns of the home like so many different types of complexity of computer algorithms.

As Tolstoy said every family is unique (or many every unhappy family – wink wink).

I once had a vision of a weave. The weave of the universe. I was the space between the warp and the weft. Nothing. Darkness. The Void. Was I dead? I was NOTHING. But I thought I am a mother, and my mother is someone so I am also someone. This is not to say that parenthood is the only way to verify existence, but for me I guess it is important. We are the (w)holes in the fabric.

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