Some woo today


So a friend and I do a little astro study group together. Today we are meeting and discussing moon pahses.

According my chart – the moon was in its fourth quarter phase when I was born.

I am meditating on this – what happens in the fourth quarter.

I have often felt that I am not good at finishing things… do I poop out in the foruth quarter.

I remember when I ran track in high school (I was not good) – And at the fourth quarter we had to perhaps start pushing through – this is the time to really dig deep inside yourself to find the resources you did not know that you had and to finish.

Maybe if you had paced yourself the fourth quarter would feel like no big deal.

What is the fourth quarter of life? maybe it is like 65 or 70.

In my chart interestingly enough I have a 4 planets in the 4rd quarter of my chart.

I think it just mean that I am aging like a fine wine

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