Whenever I think of a mentor I think of Mentok the Mind Taker from Harvey Birdman.

When did mentoring become a job, probably around the time networking became a verb.

I am currently ‘mentoring’ at New Inc, but as I mentioned to someone, these people at New Inc are all super accomplished, they could mentor me.

When you read Da Vinci’s notebooks, it shows when he wants to go learn something he goes and finds an expert and talks with them. Is this a mentor mentee relationship? I dont think so.  We have framed human to human communication, learning, and knowledge exchange into this value exchange hierarchical.

Today I met with the folks I am supposed to ‘Mentor.’ And I said, I am not a mentor, but you can bounce ideas off me, if I can help I will help, but mostly I am just a third party, a sort of therapist, for you to work out your issues through. And then I said, here this is what I am working on, maybe you can mentor me? And so there rather than this unidirectional relationship of givers and takers we have a bidirectional relationship. Because really we all are mentors and mentees, and just like theater is really for the actors, and teaching is for the teachers, mentoring is for the mentor. So if the mentee becomes the mentor, then I think I have done my job,

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