Expertism and Do-ocracy and Loop


I was actually going to write about this yesterday but I forgot. I am dragging today. I am not sure why. I stopped drinking coffee in December but yesterday and today I could have really used a cup. Today I broke down and had some black tea -puer.

So on to expertism and the Do-ocracy and how to organize. I have been very interested in organizations and leadership, especially since my last job in “change management” and my current job as a “leader.” My friend Camille participated in this talk and it really resonated. It basically is about how to run egalitarian organizations – organizations were people are not differentiated by role or expertise or how much or how little they contribute. There are different strategies that panelists have for group admission – but once people are in the group they are valued as individual humans not with what they can do or contribute.

Can anyone be a leader? I recommend Every Cook Can Govern by CLR James. Although I want to feel like am special – I am special because everyone is special – not because I have some special leadership power… I also think that anyone can be a leader.

I am also reading Loop by by Brenda Lozano. I am sucked in by this book. . It is post-modern but in the most elegant and natural way – not precious I love the references to Proust and Beckett – I feel like the narrator and I are part of the same lineage.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am listening to Sand Talk and I am at the part where Tyson is saying everyone is an idiot some time and the emu represents that part of us that is like “I am so special and no one else can say anything to me because I am better than all of them.”

    In the interview that Yanis Varoufakis first did with Russell Brand ( he talked about the Marxists that kept a little black spot on their flag to remind themselves of that part that holds the little fascist and to be mindful of that potential in all of us…

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