Canto 13


This really has a feel, I think I am getting the feel of this. I feel this as a square a solid square.

Gardens and buildings, structure, the builder. It is a tale – about greatness, greatdeeds.

Different stories have different feelings. I do feel like there is some sort of yucky othering here, but I am getting the hang of what pound is on to.

Different stories, different modes of story telling, as different rhythms, different threads of the global story.

It is not the narrative – not what happens it is the feeling of the thing – maybe again should draw each canto.

And Kung gave the words .. order” and co brotherly deference” And saId nothIng of the .. hfe after death ..

And he saId cc Anyone can run to excesses, It 15 easy to shoot past the mark, It IS hard to stand nrm In the mIddle .”

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