Experiment 6 -Randomness


For the next few experiments, I am going to experiment with “randomness.” This will expand to cyclical functions and other generators.

I was listening to a podcast the other night — on modular synths — about someone that used uranium to generate random numbers for their [musical instrument](https://www.adsrsounds.com/news/synth-module-powered-by-uranium-ore/)

I am not going to talk about the difficulties in generating random numbers.

However doing these chat gpt experiments involve randomness. Generative art in general involves the generation of parameters. How are these parameters generated. Sometimes they are random.

Other times they are generated by a function, like a sine wave. I think about this when I think about the activation function in a neural network. I have no other thoughts beyond that.

When you look at many knobs on a synth — some of those are function generators to generate voltages or numbers (midi) to affect some musical parameter.

>create a video animation that expands random numbers

I got a list of steps
>do this in code

I got a python program

>use a different language or framework

I got an html javascript version that looked better -less lossy
although still this is not great.

Will do more work tomorrow.

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